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Dinning Room Renovations Projects

Dinning rooms have become a more integral part of your home than ever. Not only used for simple family dinners anymore, it has become a work space for day to day family tasks and commitments; not to mention they have become an instrumental focal point of entertaining your guests.

The photos you see here are from dinning rooms that we have helped design, build, and install. We look forward to helping you create your vision.

As is with other living spaces in your home your dinning room needs to be functional and versatile. The space needs to be designed for quick change overs. To quickly adapt from doing home work, to having a family supper, to an evening of entertainment.

A dining room can be used for casual dining, integrated into an open plan and connected to the living and kitchen areas; or as a formal space reserved solely for entertaining. While it may not be used frequently, it is a great focal point in the home, and requires little furnishings. Here’s what you need to consider before you start planning a new dining room…

First, consider how frequently you will use the space. If you plan on using your dining room on a daily basis, a casual dining set-up with sturdy, long-lasting furniture is best. As for where you position it – well, any unused space in the home can be converted into a casual dining space, whether it be at the end of a kitchen island, or at the bottom of the stairs. A formal dining room, on the other hand, is more suited to a dedicated space, which is more common in heritage homes where space originally wasn’t at a premium.

Perhaps you want your dining room to multi-task and accommodate everyday meals, homework sessions and grown-up dinner parties… If that’s the case, furniture is key. Look for versatile dining tables in either Australian or New Zealand hardwood or weathered timber for a more rustic look. These won’t show up sticky fingerprints as much and can be dressed up for guests.

Once you’ve decided on a dining table, look for dining chairs that share a common design element. If your dining table legs are curved, for example, try to match them with dining chairs that have a similar curve, either in the legs or back. Next, consider the dimensions of the chair. The height of your dining chairs should allow at least 30 centimeters between the top of the seat and the top of the table. And to keep your tush happy, avoid dining chairs narrower than 45 centimeters.

Dining rooms are relatively minimal spaces, but that makes them a great place to splash a little colour through artwork, especially if yours is a formal dining room. If your dining room is lacking warmth, consider painting the walls a deep shade of red or blue, or go contemporary with black or grey. A cosy rug will make the space feel more intimate, while a sideboard or cabinet of curiosities will further personalize the space.

Often overlooked, dining room lighting can also drastically alter the mood of a room, creating drama, spurring romance or encouraging conversation. Opt for soft lighting in the dining area with dimmer switches, and choose over sized pendants in large, open spaces or to make the dining area more of a focal point. Finally, add some table settings, such as a lace tablecloth for a whimsy feel, or a more basic table runner for a chic look.

We have many options to help you make this space shine and excel for all your needs.

We invite you to get in touch with us, share your vision for your dream bathroom, and let us help create it for you.

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